Friday, June 12, 2009

Remember When the Circus Came To Town

Part of my "art from music" series...this one is for Helen Reddy's You and Me Against the World.


  1. Teri,
    OMG.. this is so cool! I just found this blog of yours today.. on Aug. 19th 2009.. lol
    I love your blog.. who designed it?
    First of all when I saw the title to this.. I had tears of all kinds.. This song was about my life as a young 17 yr old mother who married, gave birth, moved away and was mostly alone with my son .. age 5 months at the time this song played. I used to lay under the christmas tree and sing and cry to this song. I love my son who is now age 37.. and is married with a family of 2 1/2.
    The picture of me you commented on I will post on my blog.. so you can see it is me.. but 4 yrs ago.. we do change I guess.. lol
    That photo was suppose to be an african decent.
    Hope to see yours ..! Hugs, Darlene xo


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