Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Painting on the furniture

I can't stop myself from painting everything I see.  I refinished my night tables with pale aqua and yellow paint in a plaid pattern. And I altered some tins for jewelry and they have the place of honor on top of the nightstands.    Those lovely knobs are from Anthropologie, my favorite store.  Starting with the original plain brown, here's the progression...

The new and improved version!

And from the side...

Altered jewelry tin
Another altered jewelry tin
Shells from the Hamptons

Thanks for looking!


  1. You have been busy. Love the chest of drawers. Very cute knobs! I'm still painting the yellow guest room. The entrance is narrow with lots of fussy painting. I get bored of this stuff soooooooooo easily. I really want to paint in the studio not here. stomp stomp stomp :)Bea

  2. These are great Teri! Wow! I need you here at my house... I could use your creativeness... :)


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